The Tillicum Foundation Purpose
To be the primary noncommercial radio service for the communities of the Greater Lower
Columbia-Pacific region.

The Tillicum Foundation Mission

  • Identify and respond to community needs by providing a wide range of high-quality radio
    programs and services.
  • Use our resources to enable life-long learning in the entire community byproviding
    entertaining, educational and informational programs and services.
  • Be a regional creative resource center by involving community members in all aspects of
    radio production and broadcast.
  • Foster an environment within which employees and volunteers achieve job satisfaction
    and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Tillicum Foundation owns and operates KMUN 91.9fm (Astoria), KTCB 89.5fm (Tillamook)
and KCPB 90.9fm (Warrenton), known collectively as Coast Community Radio. We are the only
non-commercial, local public radio stations serving the
coastal areas of southwest Washington
and northwest Oregon. The Foundation's seven-member
Board of Directors is non-paid and
elected for two-year terms at the annual November membership meeting.

The Tillicum Foundation is committed to using radio as an active resource for community
development and public access. We seek to involve and establish cooperative efforts among
community groups including seniors, women, young people, and ethnic and cultural minorities.

KMUN first signed on the air on April 17, 1983, from a small studio on the second floor of the
Gunderson Building, on Commercial Street in the heart of downtown Astoria. The ground floor
was occupied by Mode-O-Day fashions and the Beauty College.

A few years later, KMUN was given its very own home by its fairy godmother, Helen Patti. After
much hard work and construction, the former Trullinger House (which had a history of a
bordello, an apartment house and a dental office) was turned into broadcasting studios and
offices. KMUN began operating from the newly named Tillicum House (Tillicum means
"community" in Chinook), just above the edge of downtown Astoria, in 1987. It is a lovely
Queen Anne Victorian with views of Astoria and the river from the air room and lobby.

KMUN broadcasts 7,500 watts of power at 91.9 MHz from its main transmitter on Megler
Mountain (atop the Washington hills across from Astoria and above Dismal Nitch), 10 watts at
89.5 MHz from translators located in Cannon Beach and 88.9 MHz in Wheeler, and 10 watts at
91.3 MHz from a translator serving South Astoria.

KTCB came on the air in 2005 and broadcasts 400 watts of power at 89.5 MHz from Cape
Mears, serving Tillamook County. Plans are currently underway to provide local news content
for the community.

For many years the Foundation was asked by a large segment of the community to provide
more national news and classical music programming. Finally, in 2003, the Federal
Communications Commission allowed broadcasters to apply for a small number of permits for
the construction of new transmitting facilities. Financial support from the community and a
small business loan brought
KCPB to air on KMUN's 23rd birthday, April 17, 2006.

On January 17, 2007, the Foundation was granted full license for the operation of KCPB.  Then
with the support of members in July of 2010, that initial build was greatly extended to reach
more of the Coast and inland areas as well.  Listeners at 90.9FM are invited to comment on
the upgrade!

Making waves since 1983
KMUN 91.9fm  
KTCB 89.5fm
KCPB 90.9fm
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Local listeners visiting the KMUN
transmitter, Megler Mountain.