Tillicum Foundation Board of Directors
The Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month, 5:00pm, at the Tillicum House. Meetings usually last
about two hours. Meetings are open to the public except during Executive Sessions. When held, Executive
Sessions generally last about a half hour and begin at 5:00pm. To see the latest approved minutes from a
board meeting, click on Meeting Minutes above.
Directors are elected at the November Annual Membership Meeting and serve two-year terms beginning
immediately after the meeting. Officers are elected at the board meeting just after the Annual Meeting and
serve in their position for one year.
You can reach the entire Board by emailing: board@coastradio.org

Board of Directors:
Karri Gallaugher
(term expires 11/15)
Karri has been a programmer at KMUN since 2004 and currently hosts
Acoustic Brunch on Wednesday mornings along with Bedtime Stories. Over
the last seven years, she has worked at the front desk of the station, at many
events, and at every pledge drive. She has experience in Internet radio, daily
podcasting and Internet broadcasting, some work in commercial radio and
work with non profit organization
Ray Merritt
(term expires 11/16)


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President, Roger Rocka
(term expires 11/16)
A longtime fan and supporter of Coast Community Radio and now the host of
The Human Beat the 3rd Monday of each month at 9:30 A.M., Roger has 17
years of television and radio news in his background, owns a dinner-theater in
Baja Oregon, ran the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber during Astoria's
renaissance, messes with other stuff and hikes all over our beautiful area rain
or shine with his dogs
Margaret Frimoth
(term expires 11/15)
Margaret moved to the KMUN listening area in 1983 and has been a listener
and supporter ever since.  In that time, she has become a regular programmer
Women's Music and Bedtime Stories.  Her background includes many
non-profit boards of directors and is currently Director of Lives in Transition
and Counseling programs at Clatsop Community College.
Jack Harris
(term expires 11/15)
Jack has lived on the North Coast of Oregon since 1997 and KMUN played a
large role in his decision to buy a house in Astoria.  His first programming
experience with the station was on Monday night followed by the Late Night
Radio program alternate Fridays.  With a partner he started Fort George
Brewery and Public House in 2006.
Julia Read
(term expires 11/16)
Julia joined the Board by invitation in 2013, one of four appointed positions
available to be filled at the discretion of the Board.  Julia brings more than 30
years experience in the accounting field for non-profit and for-profit
organizations, and is a long term resident of Oregon and Washington.
Richard Dawson
(term expires 11/16)
After moving to the coast, Richard listened to KMUN during and after the
Tsunami warning of 2011. He is a classical and Shady Grove programmer
and fills in wherever needed. Being on the board, gives Richard a chance to
make a difference in something he believes. Richard joined the Board in April
Richard Hurley
(term expires 11/15)