Democracy Now!:
Access to people and perspectives rarely
heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored
media, including independent and
international journalists, ordinary people
from around the world who are directly
affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots
leaders and peace activists, artists,
academics and independent analysts. In
addition, the War and Peace Report hosts
real debates - debates between people who
substantially disagree, such as between the
White House or the Pentagon spokespeople
on the one hand, and grassroots activists on
the other.

Hosted by: Amy Goodman, with co-host Juan

Contact: Program Producer or Elizabeth

on air:
Monday thru Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm on KMUN and KTCB

     Weeknights from 10:00-11:00pm on KCPB 90.9.

listen on demand: from the Democracy Now! website.
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