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Thank you, Chloe Elina Starr Hollow, for reading your poem,
Leaving, on the air during Rhyme Time on June 6, 2010.
Thank you, Charlotte Parcher, for submitting your
Sunrise, to be read on the air during Rhyme
Time on August 1, 2010.
Charlotte Parcher
Age 10 (Astoria)

The sun is coming
The ocean is a mirror
The beauty glows bright
Thank you, Anais Crim, for reading your poem, Astoria, on the
air during Rhyme Time on August 1, 2010.
Oh no, oh no School's out
With doubt the weekend's
almost done so fun, fun fun
Thank you, Christina Campbell, for
reading your poem on the air
December 5, 2010.
Thank you, Brooks Fromwiller, for
reading your poem entitled "All
Colors" on the air December 5, 2010.
Roses are pink, violets are blue.
The stem is green, so are the leaves.
Do you know what color the root is?  
Did you say brown?
You're right!
Love that Teacher

Love that teacher
Like a bird
Loves to fly
I said I
Love that teacher
Like a mouse
Loves her cheese
Love that she
Always has a
Bright beautiful smile
On her face
So like I always say
I love that

Dulce Guzman
Grade 6
Thank you, Dulce Guzman, for
submitting your poem,
Love That
which was read on the air
January 2, 2011!
Thank you, Thayne Covert, for
reading your poem,
Eagle, on the
air February 6, 2011.
Hand to hand and head to head
Peace is one thing and war is another,
But in a way they all come together.
A friend is one thing and an enemy is another,
And in a way they love each other.

A day ago or maybe two my mom passed away
Like I will someday too, it only seems
Like just yesterday but,
Really in real life it was a ways.

So way back then I might have been sad,
But right now I feel really, really mad.
Someday I will get over it,
But right now I’ll try to stay calm,
Because sooner or later I will rest in her palm.

When I am gone,
And I will if I can be with my mom
Hand to hand and head to head.
Even now I’ll love her forever.

She is my mom and is very clever,
She will find a way to be with me.
And she gave me a miracle,
And that was Teresa.

By:  Charity Fleck, 6th Grade Student at Long
Beach Elementary School
Thank you, Charity Fleck, for reading
your poem,
Hand to Hand and Head to
on the air March 6, 2011.

Soft wind blowing on a willow,
Yellow Rue, Poppies and Primrose.
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow.
This is my favorite meadow.

The hot sun, beating down,
Hide in the shade of a willow.
Listen to canaries, robins and blue jays.
This is my favorite meadow.

The aroma of grass, so sweet, so strong,
So wonderful I swear I can taste it.
My favorite place to hide and dream,
This is my favorite meadow.

Isabel Benenati, 6th Grade Student at Long
Beach Elementary School
Thank you, Isabel Banenati, for
allowing your poem,
Meadow, to be
read on the air March 6, 2011.
Thank you, students, for your
poems airing May 1, 2011: (click
each title to view poems)
Fly by Gwen
Abandoned Foundation
Black is Like the Color of the Deep Dark Endless Sky
Red is as Ferrous as a Man When Mad
Stormy Town by Adrian
The Colors of Flowers
The Trail by Brody Ipson
Only Rose

Lonely, so lonely, with petals darker crimson than
blood, with thorns sharper than knives.  Funny,
isn¹t it, how it resembles usŠwith our anger
burning red hot and our fury sharp as thorns.  Is
that all we used to think and might still about war?
Death?  Beautiful isn¹t it, when you put them all
together it makes a rose.  But what happens when
the rose shrivels and is limp?  Peace.   Peace.

The Silence

SilenceŠmotion but no sound.  Expression but no
voice.  Words but no meaning.  Love with no caringŠa
deaf worldŠand a blind life.  But we need to open our
eyes to our family, friends, and loved ones.  We need to
make some noise.  We need to break the silence.
Thank you, Christine Mabbit, 6th grader at Long Beach
Elementary School
, submitted the following four poems which
we read on Bedtime Rhyme Time 12/4/11
No Title

Why do birds sing?
Why is the grass green?
Why is the sky blue and the sun yellow?
Questions, questions.
ButŠŠWhat about answers?

No Title

A box can carry many things, treasure, knowledge,ŠdustŠ
somebody¹s life poured out on paper.  No matter what, you
open it, looking for the treasure it might hold.  If treasure,
your eyes
glint with greed; if knowledge, your mind races.  But if
read.  You connect with the author, you zone out, and you
are in a new
world.  You could be a hero, an astronaut, or you could
simply be
another person.  Your eyes follow the words and as each
page comes to
an end, you turn it.  And as you turn the last page you
grieve for the
ending of a good story.  And you crave more.  Then you sit
down and