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Making waves since 1983
KMUN 91.9fm  
KTCB 89.5fm
KCPB 90.9fm
We did the math.  For us to become truly local
independent of CPB funding, 365
members could sign up at $20/month:  an
unprecedented calling for unprecedented
times.  We call it "Project 365" --
$20 per month
($240 annually)
Project 365
  • Choose your Day (365 Days per year)
  • Schedule 8 on-air Announcements to be aired on your day
  • Full studio Production of your Announcement
  • On-Air personality of your choice to voice them
  • Commemorate a Birthday, an Anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentines!
  • Businesses:  Let listeners know about you by sponsoring the full day!
Cuts to our funding being proposed in Congress have given us this opportunity.
To choose again what we want of Coast Community Radio:
  • More news and public affairs - or less
  • More all-embracing music - or less
  • More announcements of events and even lost pets -
-or less of the services a fully staffed station can bring.
The loss of one third of our funding can mean drastic cuts in our staff time and services;

... or, it can bring us a chance to become again what our founding Board of Directors envisioned:  
to be fully local and independent, of/by/and for the people of the northern Oregon and southern
Washington coastal region
Project 365:  to be truly local and independent!